GEAR Monthly Updates: October

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Oct 30, 2021

October was a busy month for us. We managed to successfully host two workshops, where we shared our blockchain knowledge and experience with the next generation of programmers. The first workshop was an offline seminar held at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. The second workshop was held online with students from the University of California, San Diego. Both workshops covered the fundamentals about the Polkadot ecosystem and the attendees even managed to write their first smart contracts using Gear! And although we were busy hosting these educational events, we were still strenuously working on the development of the Gear platform.In October, we wrote our custom Asynchronous Mutex, which allows programs to exclusively lock some data and make sure it is not mutated by other messages while locked. Along with Asynchronous Mutex we wrote Asynchronous RwLock — a reader-writer lock, that allows more fine-grained async data locks.