Smart Contract Engine Built on Substrate

Gear Protocol is an innovative Substrate-based WebAssembly smart contract platform that simplifies the transition from Web2 to Web3 development. lt offers a seamless experience for deploying smart contracts without the need to create an entirely new blockchain. Experience the advantages of blockchain technology and build dApps with efficiency and convenience

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The Gear Protocol technology is based on three pillars

These are the Actor Model, Persistent Memory Concept and WASM. This combination provides asynchronous messages, parallel computation, allocation and deallocation of memory which brings unique speed and scalability. This way, the Gear Protocol will be the fastest L1 with Proof-of-Stake consensus.

  • Actor Model

    A well-known approach used in high frequency parallel computation, this model ensures asynchronous messaging and memory parallelism by design.Ensuring security, anonymity, transaction efficiency and as a result network speed, it stands as on of the core pillars of the Gear Protocol. Want to learn more about how it works? Check our Wiki.

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  • Persistent Memory

    The Persistent Memory concept is another novelty we brought to Web3. It provides an innovative solution to program storage with clever and effective memory virtualization techniques. All you need is to code regular programs like in Web2 world, no need to be an expert in blockchain-specific programming. Check our Wiki to find more detailed information.

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  • WASM (WebAssembly)

    Offering Native speed execution and support for standard programming languages, WebAssembly has been integrated by Gear to create an environment for fast, secure and flexible execution not just for smart-contracts but for onchain programs. Opening the door to new generation of applications. Sounds interesting? Check Wiki to dive in!

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circlegear ease to develop

to Develop

The main engine of the Gear network is a smart contract module. In Gear's case, any smart contract is a WebAssembly program compiled in various languages, including Rust and AssemblyScript (with plans to support C and C++).

It has a low entry barrier for developers from outside the crypto world because they can build smart contracts in a familiar environment. It is easier for developers to experiment with smart-contract programming languages.

  • Persistent memory for immutable programs
  • Asynchronous message handling
  • A minimal, intuitive, and sufficient API surface for blockchain context
circlegear ease to scale

To Scale

At Gear Protocol, we understand the challenges of scalability in today's fast-paced digital era. That's why we have developed a protocol that goes beyond traditional limitations. By embracing the concept of shardability, our networks have the ability to infinitely expand and adapt to evolving needs.

The secret behind our exceptional scalability lies in the Actor model, a proven method in fast computing. This innovative approach enables efficient messaging and optimal memory utilization, while guaranteeing the utmost security, privacy, and faster networks. With Gear Protocol, you can unlock new possibilities and explore the true potential of decentralized applications.

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