Gear Foundation: Accelerating Web 3.0 Growth

Gear Foundation is dedicated to advancing the development and adoption of innovative blockchain solutions. Its primary mission is to foster collaboration and provide support to the networks based on Gear Protocol. Vara Network is the main focus for now, as it is the first deployment.

Through research, education, and community engagement, Gear Foundation plays a vital role in driving the growth and success of decentralized technologies and empowers individuals and organizations to harness the full potential of blockchain technology.

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Vara x HackQuest

The Vara community is excited to announce the Vara x HackQuest integration, aimed at attracting both English and Chinese developers to the Substrate ecosystem. Through this integration, HackQuest is offering a series of comprehensive online learning courses, including: - Vara Basic Concept - Introduction to Rust - Gear Protocol Foundational Course - Launching a GRC20 Token on Vara (Updating) - Creating an NFT on Vara - Creating a Virtual Pet Game on Vara - These courses are designed to equip developers with essential skills and knowledge, enhancing their proficiency within the Vara and Substrate ecosystems.

Jul 9, 2024
about gear

What is Gear protocol

Gear Protocol simplifies smart contract development. It provides an easy-to-use library and a custom runtime for programs. These use unique features and Substrate components, ensuring secure, fork-less upgradable networks, facilitating seamless integration with other Substrate-based networks. The protocol’s tech design and asynchronous programming allow infinite sharding, enabling truly decentralized use cases. This innovation opens doors to transitioning thousands of traditional Web2.0 businesses and services to Web3.

Our Backers

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  3. distributed global
  4. the lao
  5. PSP Economy
  6. mechanism capital
  7. bitscale capital
  8. spartan
  9. hashkey group
  10. di ventures
  11. elysium
  12. signum capital
  13. ybb

Use Cases

While we’re just scratching the surface of what this technology can do, here are a few ways people are using Gear.

  • Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

    A way to represent any asset on the blockchain, to enable easier and more efficient trade and management.
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  • Tools&Explorers

    A search engine that allows you to search for a particular piece of information on a blockchain.
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  • Staking

    A method that enables people to lock some of their cryptocurrencies as a way to contribute to securing a blockchain network.
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  • Wallets

    A device, program or service that securely stores an individual's cryptocurrency without third party sovereignty.
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