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Developing your smart contract has never been easier!
See a list of potential use cases below.


Build your decentralized autonomous organization and enable individuals to work together in transparent ways that transcend traditional forms of collaboration! There’s no longer a need for centralized control as DAOs do not need a central authority as decisions are made collectively via group proposals and votes

Ping Pong

There is nothing better than classics! Very simple, yet so accurate! “Hello world!” on the Gear Network! Build your PING-PONG smart contract now.

gFT (analogue to ERC-20)

gFT (Gear Fungible Tokens), similar to ERC 20 tokens, is a standard for issuing smart contracts on the blockchain. These smart contracts can then be used to create tokenized assets that represent anything that is fungible

gNFTs (analogue to ERC-721)

gNFTs (Gear Non-Fungible Tokens), similar to ERC-721 NFTs, are not only about digital art. Instead, they can represent anything that is not fungible, but has unique properties. The gNFT standard can be used in any network within the Dotsama Ecosystem


Supply chain

Supply chains are systems for tracking and delivering goods to end customers. Leveraging blockchain technology makes this process more efficient, reliable and transparent!

gMT (analogue to ERC-1155)

Do you need to manage multiple token types? Then Gear Multiple Token (gMT) is all you need! Similar to ERC-1155, a single deployed contract may include any combination of fungible tokens, NFTs or other configurations!


Escrow is a special program that is stored on a blockchain that can receive assets (like tokens) from one actor and, when certain conditions are met, sends them to another. This makes issuing payments upon completion of tasks, easy, secure and autonomous


If you ever wondered how Twitter would work if it was decentralized then you need to try out our specially designed dApp. Each user can have their own 'feeds', which can be subscribed to, and the landing homepage contains both global & personal 'feeds' to provide both a macro and personal source of information

NFT Marketplace

Connect buyers and sellers in one easy and streamlined place! Buy and sell non-fungible tokens for fungible tokens!


Ever made a bank deposit? Staking is pretty much the same thing but in a blockchain world. Build your Staking contract with your own terms and conditions and run it on the Gear Network.

Crowdsale (ICO)

Implementing your initial coin offering could never be easier! This use case is definitely a must for new projects to raise money for development and other purposes.

Dutch auction

This type of auction shows the advantage of speed since a sale never requires more than one bid. Create and run it using Gear Protocol!

Game of chance

Experimenting with the unique possibilities of smart contracts can also be fun. Imagine making your own game! The opportunities are endless… What are you waiting for? Try it now!

Concert (gFT to gNFT transition)

This smart contract example was created by us and the idea behind is using the concert tickets as gNFTs! It’s a simple distribution with converting fungible tokens (gFT) to non-fungible tokens (gNFT) in time.

Multisig Wallet

We all know that security is always a priority. Multisignature wallets provide double security as they require one or more private keys to sign and send a transaction. To make it even more secure it has more than one owner and it's impossible to make a transaction without the permission of all owners.

On-chain gNFT assets

Here the token assets are stored directly on-chain. Try how it works with our code example!

RMRK NFT standard

Is a special NFT protocol aimed for establishing a standard NFT cross-chain infrastructure on Kusama/Polkadot ecosystems. RMRK legos can be implemented on the Gear Platform and you can find out how!

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Developing your smart contract has never been easier!
See a list of potential use cases below.

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